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VE Enclosed Homelift

The first Fully Enclosed Through-Floor-Lift in the UK/European market, the Wessex VE initially designed for the USA and Canadian markets is now available in the UK and Europe.

Since its launch in 2012, Wessex has been successfully selling the VE range of Homelifts throughout Canada and the USA through an ever growing network of dealers.

The VE range joins the Wessex market leading VM and Elesse models of Through-Floor-Lifts.

Our Enclosed Homelift is designed with all the safety, flexibility and independence afforded by our VM models. The advanced design of the Wessex Enclosed Homelift affords great benefits to the user.

A lift designed for independence

Illuminated, ergonomically designed internal lift controls for ease of use. Powered door option for greater independence.

Flexibility of Lift Installation Locations

Free-standing design of our through floor lift does not require load bearing wall. Door opening and internal controls may be either left or right and can be changed to enable relocation of lift.

Attention to Safety

The Wessex Homelift VE range is designed in accordance with the safety requirements of BS5900:2012


VE31 - Standard lift, lifting up to 3m

VE36 - Large lift, lifting up to 3m

VE38 - Extra large lift, lifting up to 3m

VE51 - Standard lift, lifting up to 3.5m

VE56 - Large lift, lifting up to 3.5m

VE58 - Extra large lift, lifting up to 3.5m


  • Timer-controlled lights illuminate the lift car. They are activated automatically by the operation of the lift and switch off after a pre-set time

  • Fixed internal ramp. Lift takes less room for 'tighter' fits increasing space outside the lift for manoeuvring a wheelchair

  • Lift arrives flat packed for ease of transport and entry into the home, where the lift is assembled by Wessex trained engineers

  • In the event of power failure emergency back-up systems operate the door, light and alarm, and lower the lift to the ground

  • Free-standing lift tracks eliminates the need for a load-bearing wall, thus giving a wider choice of lift location

  • Audible two-tone alarm with battery back-up is fitted as standard for use in an emergency

  • Lift safety edges will automatically stop the home lift in ascent if touched or obstructed

  • An aesthetically pleasing pearl grey exterior and a silver (RAL 9006) interior

  • Designed in accordance with the safety requirements of BS5900:2012

  • Sensors built into the floating platform prevent descent if obstructed

  • Illuminated internal push button controls designed for ease of use

  • Door and lift controls can be handed right or left to suit the user

  • Half-hour fire integrity with lift parked at either floor

  • Emergency in-car stop and lowering buttons

  • Integral ramp for easy access

  • Aesthetic side glazing panels

  • Emergency manual lowering

  • Panoramic glazed door

  • Wireless call stations

  • In car telephone

  • SWL 250 Kg


  • Folding/tip up seat

  • False wall panels

  • Optional colours

  • Grab handles

  • Power door

  • Mirror

Why Choose a Wessex?


Carter - "Wish everything was as easy!"

Ratcliffe - "I couldn't fault anything. Very pleased."

Gaskell - "I am very satisfied with their work, 100% excellent."

Allen - "The crew did a very good, clean job and all very friendly."

Lewis - "Would recommend to friends and neighbours at any time."

Wabara - "The two workmen were very polite and cleaned up very well."