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5 Homelift Features You May Not Be Aware Of

Under Lift Platform Sensitive Surface
The underside of the lift has a pressure sensitive surface, which is designed to stop the lift if it contacts an obstruction. If your pet or indeed any object is in the way of your Home Lift, it will simply be detected and the lift will stop automatically!

The Aperture Board Sensitive Surface
In the same way that the Under Lift Platform Sensitive Surface, the Aperture Board Sensitive Surface will stop the lift should anything be on top of the lift. And when the lift is downstairs, you can walk across it without any problem.

Audible Alarm
Fitted as standard on all Homelifts, this feature provides a means of raising attention. Have peace of mind when using your Wessex Home Lift.

Smoke Detectors
The smoke alarms are wirelessly linked with the lift, and in the event of a fire will keep the user safe in a fire protected zone. Smoke detectors are an additional feature to give you peace of mind. The positioning of the smoke detectors will be determined during the free site survey with one of the Wessex Area Sales Managers and they will be installed at the same time as your Wessex Home Lift.

Internal Lights
There are automatic light which turn on when the door is opening. They stay on all the time the lift is in use and, to save power, they turn off a certain time after you stop using the lift. Wessex never leave you in the dark.