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Through-Floor Homelifts: Who needs them!?

Through-floor Homelifts are the accessibility solution of the present. Enabling the user to travel from one level of their house to another, they can also be left out of sight and out of mind at the floor of your choosing.

With more and more Homelifts on the market, and with their popularity rising, you might start wondering whether one of these lifts could be the right solution for you.

The Wessex Through-Floor Homelifts come in a range of different sizes and models. These lifts are designed to take a person in a wheelchair and even some large powered wheelchairs will fit as long as the safe working load is not exceeded.

When travelling without a wheelchair, the lift can be fitted with a folding tip seat and grab handles. For children, or indeed anyone who wishes, custom colours and wraps are a possible customisable option. You name it; we’ll try and make it. In the past we have turned lifts into dumper trucks and even transported them into out of space!

A member of our maintenance team, working on a home lift.

For people wishing to travel whilst standing or a solution for parents and carers wanting to accompany someone in the lift, the enclosed Wessex VE model could be for you. Initially designed for the American market, the VE enclosed Homelift has become one of the most popular additions to our range.

For anyone with reduced mobility, or for those who just want that extra help to get up the stairs, a Wessex Homelift could be the answer.

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