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Domestic Lifts UK; How much do they cost?

Homelift cost image; an SP Vs a VM

This is a difficult question. Given the wide and varied range of products we offer, we find it hard to put one price tag on our Domestic Lifts; after all, ‘Domestic Lifts’ can range from our SP Step Lift (which can help the user overcome changes in level of up to 0.5m) to our Liberty 3 Enclosed Platform Lift (which can have multiple stops and can travel up to 6m), to our through-floor lifts (which are designed to simply travel between two floors).

A VM Through Floor Home Lift

Because of this range, our domestic lifts can cost from only a few thousand pounds upwards. Our SP for example will only cost a few thousand pounds. A Wessex Through-Floor Lift can cost slightly more than a premium Stair Lift.

An SP Step Lift

The only way to know how much you will need to spend is by speaking to one of our Area Sales Managers or Distributors, who can organize a site survey to determine exactly how much a project will cost. They can also talk you through our product range to make sure you know you’re deciding upon the right lift for your situation.