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How to make the most of your homelift...

Make it a main feature of your space:
All our through-floor lifts and many of our platform lifts can be placed almost anywhere in a room, so ask if it can be placed somewhere that makes it stand out as a feature! The Liberty 3 example below was placed in the middle of some stairs.

Make it stand out with a wrap or custom colour:
We can put a wrap around our through-floor lifts, and there are virtually infinite custom colours that can be used on our platform lifts. Perfect for kids rooms...

...or for anywhere the lift needs to blend in.

Make it yours:
With loads of options to choose from, you can end up with the Rolls Royce of home lifts or perhaps something more practical; it’s up to you! All our lifts are built to exactly the same standard and with exactly the same care, but if you want those extra special features, including things like auto-homing, remote controls and special interior features on the through-floor lifts or things like glass infill's, bridging systems and power doors on the platform lifts, you can order those too; just ask!

How do you make the most use of your homelift? If you already have one installed, feel free to send us a picture accross, with some text about how you customised your lift.