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Solving Space Issues with the New VM Hybrid Models by Wessex

Finding it difficult to decide which Wessex Product best suits your customer’s needs? For 2018, Wessex Lifts can provide you with even more solutions to add to your Home Lift Range.

Since 1997, when the first 6 iterations of the VM were released, Wessex endeavoured to make gradual improvements to keep our best selling home lift at the forefront of technological innovation. In 2013, we added two additional sizes to the VM; the VM38 and VM58 which, at the time of their release, were the largest through-floor lifts on the market. This was a testament to our dedication in providing a lift to any customer, no matter the situation.

Now, 5 years later, we're adding to our range again. Wessex’s market leading VM Home Lift Range will now boast a further 8 sizes. We have analysed the most commonly used size of Home Lift sold over the past few years and adapted the lift assemblies so that it is now possible to mix and match lengths and widths of the lifts.

VM Home Lift Installation

For example, if you only have the space for a VM31 width, but the customer has a tipped wheelchair and requires the additional length of a VM38, you could combine the models to make a VM3138. It’s as easy as that! With the new 8 sizes, you should be able to select a lift which is greater tailored to the service user and space available.

As you would expect, all is fully compliant with the Machinery Directive and BS5900:2012. For the names of the new lifts, it’s been kept simple. Please refer to the models, VM3136, VM3138m VM3638 and VM3836 and the same for the 3.5M range. The first two numbers signify the width and the second two, the length.

For further information on any of the Wessex Products and sizes available please get in Contact.