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DIY SOS VM Homelift

Back in 2012 Chris Gibbons was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a debilitating condition that causes his muscles to weaken and limits his life expectancy. His parents wanted him to be able to go anywhere he wanted in his own home and not be restricted to the downstairs.

Without the family knowing, their next door neighbour got in touch with the DIY SOS team at the BBC. In just 9 days the team transformed their house to make it much more suitable for Chris. Wessex provided and installed a VM Homelift to enable Chris to travel upstairs in his wheelchair with ease. We even used a special paint colour and stickers to make the lift look like a JCB digger which he loved.

You can add that something different to your VM Homelift with an image on the outer panels. Please contact us for more information.