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How much is a Wessex Home Lift?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions at Wessex and hopefully this article can answer it to a degree. We are always asked by customers to give a ‘ball-park figure’ on our products, but that is very hard to do.

Our product is one that changes based on so many different factors, that it quickly becomes impossible to provide even a ‘ball-park’ estimate! Some of these factors include specific model of lift, optional extras added and building work (if any is required or not, or how extensive they will need to be).

So it would seem that there is no hope of getting an estimate price, right? - Wrong!

Wessex Lifts offer free, no obligation quotations, which involve one of our experienced Area Sales Managers visiting you and finding a price for the perfect home lift for you.

[Pictured above, left; a high specification VE. Pictured above, centre; our simple VM. Pictured above, right; a top of the line Liberty 3.]

The only way to get a realistic estimate for one of our products is to speak to an area sales manager, so...

..get in contact, for your free, no obligation quote!