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To Which Lift Safety Standards Do Wessex Comply?

Safety is a concern taken very seriously at Wessex. Wessex meets all UK relevant national standards of safety. Not all manufacturers of residential home lifts comply with these standards, so it’s always worth checking.

In the UK, Wessex Lifts meets the BS 5900:2012 standard with our VM Home Lift, VE Enclosed Home Lift and our Elesse Luxury Through-Floor Home Lift. Our LR Platform Lift, SP Step Lift and Liberty Open Lift all comply to BS 6440:2011, and our Liberty 3 complies to the EN:81-41. All our products meet The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

If you’re interested about what these standards involve, please give us a call on 01794 830303, or send us an email, and we can discuss the finer details.