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Home Elevators

We have two catagories of 'Home Elevator', the Through Floor Home Elevator Series and the Vertical Platform Home Elevators. Whichever catagory you need, the Wessex Home Elevator Range is designed with you in mind.

Through-Floor Elevators

Wessex offer a wide range of residential home elevator solutions. Below, you'll find links to our selection of through floor home elevators. However, all of the Commercial Elevators we offer can also be put to use in peoples private dwellings, so if one of these elevators doesn't provide a solution, have a look there. Whether indoors or outdoors, traveling up just one step or many, we'll find a mobility solution for you.

Elesse Luxury Home Elevator

The Elesse is an elevator committed to customisation and functionality. It boasts a wide range of features as standard (illuminated iternal push button controls, LED lighting, hand rails, full height mirror, wireless call stations) that give even the most cut down model of Elesse a premium feel.

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VE Enclosed Home Elevator

The fully Enclosed VE HomeElevator was initially designed for the North American market, but, with its beautifully desined exterior, its simplicity of operation and the fact that it allows for two people to travel simultaneously, it's not hard to see why these are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and Europe too!

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Residential Vertical Platform Elevators

These elevators are well suited to use in the home as well as being good Public Access Elevators. They can all be placed internally or externally and, between the range of zero to nearly twenty feet, one of these lifts will work for you.

Liberty 3 Enclosed Elevator

Liberty by name, liberty by nature. The Wessex Liberty 3 Enclosed Platform Elevator is a quintessential part of the Wessex range of Platform Elevators. With the ability to be placed inside and out, travel up to nearly 20 foot and be used as a Public Access Elevator or a Home Elevator, the Liberty 3 is truly one of the most powerful and adaptable elevators we have to offer.

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Liberty Open Platform Elevator

The LL Open Platform Elevator is the result of over 40 years of design refinement. It boasts a great range of capabilities. With potential application internally or externally, the LL Open won't let you down (no pun intended!). We're so confident in its hardiness that it comes with a 5 year anti-corrosion warranty as standard! - In fact, all our Platform Elevators do.

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LR Platform Elevator

Functioning in much the same way as the SP, the LR (Low Riser) affords the user the benefits of a short travel platform elevator. Suitable for internal and external application, the LR makes and excellent intermediate travel height (39") between the LL and SP.

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SP Step/Porch Elevator

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The Benefits

Remain in your home.

Highly customisable.

Add value to your home.

Space saving design.

Speedy installation.

No stair lift obstruction.

We have a broad coverage of North America with our network of Wessex approved distributors, covering regions including Honalulu, Tacoma, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Irvine, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Billings, Denver, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Orlando, Jacksonville, Washington, Baltimore, New York, Long Island, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

Our Distributor Network covers most other areas of America, so where ever you are, there should always be the Wessex option nearby.

If you are an experienced lift installer and/or have knowledge of building, electrics and general engineering, you can join our distributor network here.