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Public Access Lifts

A Wessex Commercial Lift is the perfect tool for any business to be able to allow their less abled customers to access any part of their facilities. We have installed them in Churches, Shops, Restaurants and even Night Clubs.

Liberty 3 Enclosed Lift

The Liberty 3 Platform Lift has a rise of up to 6m, can be placed indoors and outdoors, and can have 2 to 4 stops. As such, this lift can be configured to suit your and your customers' needs perfectly. And with a seemingly endless choice of finishes and colour options, you need not worry about this lift being an eyesore in your premises.

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Liberty Open Platform Lift

The Liberty Open Platform Lift can be configured to 2m travel (3m by special request) and comes in a range of sizes and colour options. It can be placed inside or outside and, we're so confident in it's hardiness, it comes with a 5 year anti corrosion warranty as standard! Reliable and very capable.

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LR Platform Lift

The LR Platform Lift is our best selling Commercial Wessex product, and it's not hard to see why. With a short travel height of up to 1m, a very simple and speedy installation, and a proven track record of reliability and functionality, the LR is a great choice for any business looking to provide all their customers with access to their services.

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PLG7 Incline Platform Lift

The Wessex PLG7 is a testament to Wessex's dedication in providing anyone with a means of transportation for their less abled customers. If none of the more traditional Wessex product line suits your needs, the plg7 is there to offer a creative alternative. This unique stairlift can transport a wheelchair and wheelchair user up short flights of stairs.

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