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Wessex Lifts

Through-Floor Elevators

Sure to find a place in any home.


Luxury Home Elevator.


Enclosed Home Elevator.

Vertical Platform Elevator

These can be installed in either public or domestic buildings.


Enclosed Platform Elevator.


Open Platform Elevator.


Low Rise Platform Elevator.


Step Elevator.

Established in 1976, Wessex Lifts has dedicated over 4 decades to the manufacture of unique low rise elevator solutions. Our expertise and experience are encompassed in our iconic range of products. Today our products include the Through-Floor Residential Home Elevator Range, encompassing the Elesse and VE models, as well as our range of Vertical Platform Elevators (suitable in residential, domestic, dwellings or public, commercial, spaces alike); the Liberty 3 Enclosed, LR Platform Elevator, SP Porch Elevator and LL Open.