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Liberty 3

The Wessex Liberty 3 range of enclosed platforms lifts can be installed to allow access to public buildings or domestic dwellings where a change in level inhibits the movement of the less abled. Our enclosed platform lift has been designed to incorporate modern manufacturing techniques, resulting in a modular, robust lift, and giving a sharp and clean appearance, whilst providing the flexibility offered by all Wessex Lifts. The L3 is supplied in its own shaft and manufactured for applications up to 6m in travel, with 2, 3 or 4 stops. A host of additional options are available to tailor the platform lift to suit the environment and customer preference.

Liberty by name, Liberty by nature.

The Liberty 3 is intuitive in operation. Once installed, a Wessex trained engineer will explain to you exactly how to use the lift in various operating conditions, and you will also be supplied with a user manual.

Why Choose a Liberty 3?

  • Can transport 5 passengers (SWL 400kg).
  • Highly customisable.
  • Can be placed inside and outside.
  • Highly customisable.
  • Standard complient (BS 5900:2012).
  • Travels up to 6 metres.

Features and Options

  • Handrail fitted to lift platform for additional security.
  • Safety edges are fitted to the platform and carriage to prevent a trapping hazard.
  • Battery backed light fitted inside the car.
  • Battery backed alarm fitted inside the car.
  • Travel height - 6 metres maximum.
  • Platform overload indication.
  • Adjacent entry/ exit.
  • Roof and battery backed light.
  • Power door/gate operators.

L3 Download Resources

If you require any additional technical files, please request an extranet login and you will (hopefully) find them on our extranet. Please read our Terms and Conditions before using our extranet service.

How to Buy?

1. Contact

Get in contact with us and speak to one of our Area Sales Managers. Telephone 01794830303 or email.

2. Drawings

Our engineering team will work alongside architects and builders to get an installation plan drawn up.

3. Installation

Once a good date has been arranged, the Installation Process itself should take only 1-2 days.