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VE Enclosed Lift

The VE is the first Fully Enclosed Through-Floor Lift in the European market. Since its launch in 2012, Wessex has been successfully selling the VE range of Homelifts accross the globe, through an ever growing network of dealers. The VE range joins the Wessex market leading VM and Elesse models of Through-Floor Lifts. Our Enclosed Homelift is designed with all the safety, flexibility and independence afforded by our VM models, but has a full height door and fully enclosed sides, and offers many possibilities for customisation.

Why Choose a VE?

  • Allows a parent to travel with a child.
  • Can transport a wheelchair user and carer.
  • Functionally designed.
  • Free standing - no wall required.
  • Standard complient (BS 5900:2012).
  • Speedy installation (1-2 days).
  • Customisable interior.
  • A range of colour options.
  • Offers an alternative to an open car lift.

Which model is for you?

There are many factors to consider when selecting a specific Wessex model, but a good place to start is by looking at what you need out of the lift and what each model can do for you. For example, if you need to transport a wheelchair and carer up and down stairs, the VE15 and VE25 aren't for you. Take a look at the list below and see which apply to you;

  • VE15 - Compact lift (seated), lifting up to 3m
  • VE31 - Standard lift, lifting up to 3m
  • VE36 - Large lift, lifting up to 3m
  • VE38 - Extra large lift, lifting up to 3m
  • VE25 - Compact lift (seated), lifting up to 3.5m
  • VE51 - Standard lift, lifting up to 3.5m
  • VE56 - Large lift, lifting up to 3.5m
  • VE58 - Extra large lift, lifting up to 3.5m

If you've found the lift you believe is for you, you can contact us on 01794 830303. We'll be able to pass your details to our experienced team of Area Sales Managers.

VE Download Resources

If you require any additional technical files, please request an extranet login and you will (hopefully) find them on our extranet. Please read our Terms and Conditions before using our extranet service.

How to Buy?

1. Contact

Get in contact with us and speak to one of our Area Sales Managers. Telephone 01794830303 or email.

2. Drawings

Our engineering team will work alongside architects and builders to get an installation plan drawn up.

3. Installation

Once a good date has been arranged, the Installation Process itself should take only 1-2 days.