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Public Access Lifts

Liberty 3 Enclosed Lift

Liberty by name, liberty by nature. The Wessex Liberty 3 Enclosed Platform Lift is a quintessential part of the Wessex range of Platform Liftss. With the ability to be placed inside and out, travel up to 6 metres and be used as a Public Access Lift or a Home Lift, the Liberty 3 is truly one of the most powerful and adaptable lifts we have to offer.

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Liberty Open Platform Lift

The LL Open Platform Lift is the result of over 40 years of design refinement. It boasts a great range of capabilities. With potential application internally or externally, the LL Open won't let you down. We're so confident in its hardiness that it comes with a 5 year anti-corrosion warranty as standard! - In fact, all our Platform Lifts do.

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LR Platform Lift

The Low Rise Platform Lift offers the user all the benifits of our Open Liberty Lift, but on a shorter travel. With many customisable options, this lift can prove a valuable asset to your low rise lifting solution.

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