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Liberty 3

The Wessex Liberty 3 range of enclosed platforms lifts can be installed to allow access to public buildings or domestic dwellings where a change in level inhibits the movement of the less abled...

Liberty by name, Liberty by nature.

Read more about the Liberty 3's design on the Liberty 3 Residential page.

Technical Specifications

View our Technical Specifications table.

L3 Model Large Medium Small
Platform Safety Edges
24v Controls
Battery Back Up
Emergency Manual Lowering
Suitable for External Application
Maximum Threshold Height 6,000mm 6,000mm 6,000mm
Maximum Number of Stops 4 4 4
Safe Working Load 400kg 400kg 400kg
Usable Platform Dimensions 1400mm x 1100mm 1400mm x 900mm 1260mm x 900mm
Platform Footprint Dimensions 1520mm x 1380mm 1520mm x 1180mm 1380mm x 1180mm
Lift Speed 80mm/sec 80mm/sec 80mm/sec
Lift Closed Height 55mm 55mm 55mm
Ramp Gradient 1:6 1:6 1:6
Power Supply - Single Phase and Earth 230v ac 50 Hz 230v ac 50 Hz 230v ac 50 Hz


  • Handrail fitted to lift platform.
  • Safety edges are fitted to the platform and carriage to prevent a trapping hazard.
  • Battery backed light fitted inside the car.
  • Battery backed alarm fitted inside the car.
  • 2 to 4 stops.
  • Platform overload indication.
  • Adjacent entry/ exit.
  • Roof and battery backed light.
  • Power door/gate operators.

L3 Download Resources

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How to Buy?

1. Contact

Get in contact with us and speak to one of our Area Sales Managers. Telephone 01794830303 or email.

2. Drawings

Our engineering team will work alongside architects and builders to get an installation plan drawn up.

3. Installation

Once a good date has been arranged, the Installation Process itself should take only 1-2 days.